Other educational websites I can recommend

Indo-European languages

This is a terrific site with many language courses, many are represented in the GetTheSkill database.

101 languages

Another really good site with well-made and free language courses.


A website with samples of languages from 2000 different languages from around the world. Good if you want to get an idea about how a certain language looks in writing, no matter how small the language is.

MIT Open Course Ware

American MIT, which is considered to be one of the best engineering schools in the world, have put their entire course material on the web for everyone to download and learn!

BBC: Languages

BBC has a very good website with a lot of audio courses in a few large different languages, but also mini-courses in a couple of dozen other languages.


Many of the courses found here has been found through Yahoo!, especially the language courses. Their database is huge so you can find some more there.

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