FAQ for gettheskill.com

** What are the criteria for a course to end up here? **

The course should be free
This course will get you to learn something, not just describe something
The course will be accessible directly on the WWW
You should not need anything extra, as a certain book, in order to learn it. The exception is the software.
The course will be in English or Swedish
I need to know that it exists … so send in advice !

  1. What is a “tutorial”?
    ! tutorial is a step-by-step utlärningssätt. The tutorial will take up the subject in different parts.

  2. Certain courses teach language through audio files. How?
    ! There are two options, either one uses RealAudio (. ra or. framework) is an audio format where the audio is played back as it is downloaded to your computer. Some courses use, however, of regular audio (. Au) which means that you download the audio file and then listening to it. The play automatically with most browsers.

  3. I did a search from the Google box on your site and found a course that cost money!
    ! Yes, that’s right. Google-searches are obviously outside my side and therefore a search for such course lead to a language course that costs money. There is nothing I can do about it.

  4. I do not understand how such. that course in Greek works
    ! Unfortunately, I can not help with how the courses that I link to are constructed or so. So I have nothing to do with the production of them to do. I only link to them because I thought they were good enough for this purpose. Do a course (fallen) beneath contempt to hear from you so I double-check it.

What is GetTheSkill.com

GetTheSkill.com is an online platform linking users to various free online courses on other websites all over the web.

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