About GetTheSkill.com

If you have any suggestions, complaints, requests etc to the website, please send me an e-mail to info@gettheskill.com. The website is run by me, Christoffer Björkwall, and started as a hobby project in 1999 when I frequently searched for languages courses and programming courses on the web.

If your course is linked from this website, I would very much appreciate if you linked back to me!

Please note that it is only the graded courses in the database that are for free. Course found through Google-search or Google Ads can have courses that cost money. Since all courses are external and not created by GetTheSkill.com, I take no responsibility of them.

What is GetTheSkill.com

GetTheSkill.com is an online platform linking users to various free online courses on other websites all over the web.

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Feel free to contact us for requests on adding a specific course, advertisement etc.

Email: info@gettheskill.com